College of Pharmacy


We endeavor to be exceptional in offering Pharm.D. programs on local, regional and global levels.


We are committed to making our program a comprehensive and unique model. We are also committed to being exceptional in teaching pharmaceutical sciences in a way that befits the modern practice of the job with its different demands. This is by fundamentally focusing on training pharmacy practitioners who should possess familiarity with the sciences as well as advanced technical competence in pharmaceutical care.

Academic Programs

The structure of the college of pharmacy has been designed and prepared to offer a BSc degree in Pharmacy Doctor (Pharm.D). 

Degrees Requirements

In order for students to complete their studies they need to:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of five years of study (171 credit hours). This is by successfully completing a number of accredited units from the General Curriculum at Al-Maarefa Colleges for Science and Technology, a number of accredited units from the compulsory courses taught at The College of Pharmacy as well as a number of accredited units from their chosen discipline.
  • Successfully complete clinical training during the residency year (no less than 48 weeks of training). During this year, the student will practice the knowledge and skills he has gained through clinical practice in a hospital.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Pharm.D. graduates have a range of career choices. They are qualified to participate in hospital practices and be valuable members in health care teams. They also have the choice of working in pharmaceutical audit bodies or local and international pharmaceutical companies. They may also work in research centers and can contribute to community pharmacies.

Pharm.D. graduates have other options to enhance their pharmaceutical expertise through the Residency Program, which will enable them to improve their capabilities in the field of clinical treatment. They may also further their studies in higher education in a Masters program in Health Management or Business Management (MBA) or pursue a PhD in pharmaceutical and medical research or engage in other academic fields.