College of Medicine


We strive to be exceptional in delivering Academic Medical programs on local, regional and global levels.


To produce doctors committed to self-development and life-long learning thus becoming competent and skillful in their fields. To equip them with high ethical standards and the ability to care for patients and society at large. To have sound knowledge of science and technology whilst being capable critical thinkers who value research and development.

Academic Programs

The structure of the college of medicine has been designed and prepared to offer an MBBS degree BSc in medicine and surgery. 

Degrees Requirements

In order for students to complete their studies they need to:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of six years of study (220 credit points). This is by successfully completing a number of approved units from the General Curriculum at Al-Maarefa College for Science and Technology, a number of accredited units from the compulsory courses taught at The Medical College as well as a number of accredited units from their chosen discipline.
  • Successfully complete clinical training during the year of residency (no less than 48 weeks of training). During this year the student will practice the knowledge and skills he has gained through practical clinical work in a hospital.


Career opportunities for Al-Maarefa graduates

Al-Maarefa graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills to work in any health institution as General Practitioners and will also be qualified to enroll in any local or international medical specialized training.