EMS Training Courses


EMS Training Courses


American Heart Association


Course Brief

Basic Life Support training reinforces healthcare professionals' understanding of the importance of early CPR and defibrillation, basic steps of performing CPR, relieving choking, and using an AED; and the role of each link in the Chain of Survival. http://cpr.heart.org


How to Get Ready

 The provider course covers a lot of material in a short time. Please read your BLS for Healthcare Providers Student Manual before the course and bring it with you. This will help you learn more during the course and make you more comfortable with the material


What to Wear

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will be practicing skills that require working on your hands and knees, bending, standing, and lifting


Special Considerations

If you have back, knee, hip problems or any physical conditions that might prevent these activities, please tell one of the faculty members before the class


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Course Agenda




Adult CPR

Course Introduction

Course Overview and 2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC Updates

BLS/CPR Basics for Adults

1-rescuer CPR With AED Demo

Assessment and Scene Safety

Chest Compressions for Adult Victims

Airway and Breathing

Adult Compressions and Breaths Practice

1-Rescuer Adult BLS Practice Session

Breaths with Bag-Mask for Adult Victims

2-Rescuer Adult BLS/Team CPR Sequence

Defibrillation:  AED Introduction and Use

AED Special Situations and Safety

Using AED Trainer

1- and 2-Rescuer Adult BLS with AED Practice Session

Child CPR

Introduction to Child BLS/CPR

Chest Compressions for Child Victims

Breaks 10 minutes as need

Infant CPR

Introduction to Infant BLS/CPR

1- and 2-Rescuer Infant BLS/CPR Demo

2-finger Chest Compressions for Infant Victims

Breaths with Bag-Mask for Infant Victims

2-Rescuer Infant CPR/2 Thumb-Encircling Hands Chest Compressions for Infant Victims

1- and 2-Rescuer Infant BLS/CPR Practice Session

AED for Infants and Children From 1 to 8 Years of Age

CPR with an Advanced Airway

Rescue Breathing

Mouth-to-Mouth Breaths for Victims 1 year of Age and Older


Adult/Child Choking (Responsive)

Adult/Child Choking (Unresponsive)

Infant Choking (Responsive)

Infant Choking (Unresponsive)

Course Summary and Closure

Breaks 10 minutes as need


Written Test-25 min

1- and 2- Rescuer Adult BLS with AED Skills Test

1- and 2- Rescuer Infant BLS Skills Test


Completion of Course Critique/Hand Out Cards